Pierce. New condition, softcover.A common belief among defenders of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is that the National Socialist government of Germany under Adolf Hitler did not permit the private ownership of firearms. Totalitarian governments, they have been taught in their high school civics classes, do not trust their citizens and do not dare permit them to keep firearms. Un...
Rosenberg. New, softcover.Regarded as the second most important book to come out of National Socialist Germany, Alfred Rosenbergs Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts is a philosophical and political map which outlines the ideological background to the National Socialist Party and maps out how that party viewed society, other races, social ordering, religion, art, aesthetics and the structur...
J. Philippe Rushton, softcover, new. Unabridged soft cover 334pp $22 Abridged edition, soft cover 106pp $10A courageous scientist, denounced hysterically by egalitarians as a Nazi, examines evidence for racial differences in behavior and mental function and explains them in evolutionary terms. He looks at racial differences in intelligence, speed of maturation, sexual activity, and other factor...
Nice, in great condition, hard back, ESV Study Bible. Maps, concordance, and the most in depth study notes ever.
Nlt study Bible in great condition. In depth study notes, character studies, and Greek and Hebrew word study.
24 hardback novels $120 firm-call
1985 1986 He man and Go bots quarterly magazines. 4 he man and 3 go bots. $60.00. Obo
Complete set of Mercedes benz repair manuals from Mercedes elite training and dealer training courses, 2005 and previous years, all models, s class cl e ml sl g c and all others too many to show in pictures. $400.00
MacDonald-- Softcover, new.What will you do when they come to take your guns Earl Turner and his fellow patriots face this question and are forced underground when the U.S. government bans the private possession of firearms and stages the mass gun raids to round up suspected gun owners. Considered a blueprint for a revolution, this story was written to spark the imagination of those who want to...
Calverhall. New condition, softcover. The good guys win sometimes. Not always, of course. They lost big in the Second World War. Even when the bad guys win, they sometimes grow careless and later become losers. Look what happened to the communists of eastern Europe in the 1990s. Could the same thing happen to their erstwhile WWII allies in America Serpents Walk explores that possibility. It ass...
Subtitled What is the National Alliance New, softcover.Somehow youve heard of us, and perhaps have even had an encounter with some of our leaflets. The media likes to tell lies about us, wouldnt you like to get it straight from the source as to what were about Heres what youll find What its members believe What they want to achieve How they intend to do itWithin the pages of this booklet is the...
Pendell- Soft cover, new.The basic thesis of Dr. Elmer Pendell is that civilizations fall because the less capable segment of the population outbreeds the more capable. Social institutions and ideologies that permit the unfit to survive and breeed at the expense of the healthier segments in any society eventually bring about the destruction of that society. A highly readable and thought provoki...
Dietrich Eckart-- New, softcover. Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin A dialogue between Adolf Hitler and me by Dietrich Eckart translation by William Pierce. Set up in the form of a discussion between Adolf Hitler and early National Socialist ideologue Dietrich Eckart. Essentially, Jewish behavior over the millennia is consistently hostile and destructive towards not just the White race, but the pl...
William Gayley Simpson-- New, softcover--and out of print A very rare book. Throughout his long lifetime, William Gayley Simpson was a widely traveled and careful observer of Western civilization and its relations with the non-White peoples of the world, especially the Negro and the Jew. An exceptionally deep thinker, he traced the sickness that has overtaken the White mans world in the 20th ce...
This was bought and never used, in plastic sleeve also. Includes a book with uplifting essays, poems and quotations and a journal with lined pages to help you record events in your life. Both books are tucked in a beautiful case. Price is firm. Perfect for a gift or for yourself
Redbeard- Softcover, new. The controversial book of Natural Law by Ragnar Redbeard, reprinted from the 1910 edition. This merciless, yet realistic, diatribe is aimed at the insanity of humanity, and uproots the very foundation of hypocrisy, alien religious creeds, and mediocrity.Rumored over the years to have been secretly authored by Jack London.Compare to The Turner Diaries by MacDonald.
Signed copy
London- Soft cover, new. Written in 1907, this is Jack Londons version of The Turner Diaries, a fictional account of a working class revolution against the Oligarchy. He was a National Socialist before his time, but because he hated capitalism, the Marxists cheered him. Like all Jack Londons novels, it is a story of Race, Blood, and Will.Compare to The Turner Diaries.
Pranaitis- Soft cover, new. Fascinating volume by scholar and Roman Catholic priest destroys the fraudulent claim of Jewry and its lackeys that Judaism is a religion like any other. The hate-crazed, perverted thoughts of the Jews are exposed with their own words in venomous quotations from the official jewish lawbook, the Talmud. Your opinion of the chosen people will be forever changed.Compare...
Ludovici- Soft cover, new.The False Assumptions of Democracy was the name given by philosopher Anthony M. Ludovici to two of his major writings a longer book, first published in 1921, and a series of articles published in the South African Observer from 1956 to 1958.Although they both bore the same name, the contents of each work was completely different. This new edition combines both works in...
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